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Please find a link to our end of term news bulletin: We would like to wish the entire de Stafford community a wonderful Easter break and thank you all for your continued support. We look forward to seeing our students return on Tuesday 20 April.


YEAR 9 PARENTS' AND CARERS' EVENING 💻 We're really looking forward to speaking to Year 9 parents and carers this evening. Remember there's a helpful 'how to' guide available on our website should you need it!


A reminder to parents and carers that school finishes at the earlier time of 12:35pm tomorrow for the Easter holidays and students are due to return to school on Tuesday 20 April!


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Today is the first day of Keep an eye on our tweets this week to find out everything you need to know and more about


What a lovely message to receive first thing on a Monday morning! Parent/carer feedback is always greatly appreciated. If your child is due to join us this September, don't forget to complete the admissions forms which can be found on our website here:


Appointments are still available for our Year 9 Parents' and Carers' Evening this Wednesday 31 March. The online booking system will close at 9pm this evening. You can find all the information you need on our website here:


Please find a link to our weekly news bulletin We wish you all a happy and healthy weekend!


Our Year 9 students enjoyed the team building exercises Mr Harris set for them yesterday. A great effort from all involved! For more information on , please visit our website here:


Year 7 have produced some beautiful insect paintings in Mrs Small's art lesson this morning 🎨#deStaffordProud


We're really looking forward to speaking to Year 7 parents and carers this evening via . As always, we welcome your feedback, so please do email us at with any comments following the event.


Year 11 Leavers' Hoodies are available to order now via Scopay! Click here for further details or refer to ParentMail:


📣Year 9 Parents' and Carers' Evening Details of the upcoming Year 9 Parents' and Carers' evening have just been sent via ParentMail. You can also find all the information you need on our website here: The online booking systems opens at 6pm this evening!


📣Parents & Carers of Year 6 If your son/daughter is due to join the family this September, please look out for our email today. We look forward to receiving your completed transition forms, which can be found on our website here:


Today marks the anniversary of the first UK lockdown. We will be helping our young people focus on the positives, whilst acknowledging the challenges the last year has presented. Our thoughts are with everyone whose lives have been impacted by COVID-19.


Miss Chirnside's Year 7 students had fun experimenting with paint mixing in their Art lesson yesterday 🎨It's wonderful to see our students back in the classroom again and adapting so well!


As part of our recent campaign we hand delivered 1000s of pens to our local primary schools. A big thank you goes to for your support!


📣Year 7 Parents and Carers The online booking system for your Parents' and Carers' Evening on Wednesday 24 March closes at 9pm this evening. If you are yet to make an appointment to speak with your child's teachers, please click here to find out how:


Our Year 8 students have enjoyed using MacBooks to create their own dance tracks this morning 🎼


Please find a link to our weekly news bulletin which includes updates from the Head of School and Heads of Year: We hope the sunshine continues and you all have a safe and happy weekend ☀️


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Great turnout at Year 7 extra-curricular sport today - we didn’t let the miserable weather stop us! 🌧 We are very lucky to have access to facilities still 🏊‍♀️ 🤸🏾‍♂️⚾️⚽️

Duke of Edinburgh

Update: 29 September 2020

This year we have made some changes to DofE at de Stafford to ensure that we can deliver the award within the guidelines due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Year 9 students can apply to complete their Bronze DofE and will be working to achieve 'The DofE Certificate of Achievement.' For this academic year, young people will receive this formal recognition of their achievements in their Skills, Volunteering and Physical sections.

Many young people are facing unprecedented changes and challenges in these times. DofE can give them something positive to focus on and provide structure and stability, whilst also supporting them to develop life skills, develop confidence and build resilience!

Students in Year 9 will see a virtual assembly this week during SAM time. An application form can be downloaded below, via SatchelOne or collected from their Year 9 SAM.

For more information please see the links below:

Follow us on Twitter: @destaffordDofE

If you have any questions please do make contact

At de Stafford School, we are proud to have a strong tradition of running the Duke of Edinburgh award. This year we are offering the Bronze Award for our Year 9 students.

What does DofE mean to your child?

It is a fun adventure and it takes them out of their comfort zone. They have a chance to discover new talents and build strong friendships. They grow in confidence and resilience and develop important skills that colleges and employers are very keen to see in young people. Research says that students with a DofE award are much more likely to get a job in the future and to get a place at college.

The 4 Sections:

  1. Physical - They have to complete a length of time in a physical activity (sport, dance, gym, martial arts etc.)
  2. Skill - They have to complete a length of time learning a new skill (musical instrument, maths leader, photography etc.)
  3. Volunteering - They have to volunteer for a certain length of time (helping at a charity shop, helping younger groups at cubs, guides; taking on some environmental work etc.) We also have some volunteering opportunities around school. It should not be volunteering doing work that other people are paid to do.
  4. The Expedition - They have to complete two expeditions, the practice and the qualifier, where they navigate and walk as a group and camp overnight. This will also involve a relatively large amount of training, both after school and on one Sunday, including camp craft, navigation using a compass and a map, fitness, nutrition, cooking and orienteering. There will also be two practice walks: a short one around Caterham after school and a day walk to practice safety, navigation and team dynamics. All of these events are compulsory for DofE students. Parents will be asked to bring participants to the beginning of these events but collection will usually be from school.


Kit is expensive so we provide most of the kit you will need for DofE. The Duke of Edinburgh himself is adamant that this is an inclusive award so there is funding for anyone who might qualify for support. Previous injuries or existing conditions should also be no barrier to participating. Special dispensations are regularly given to participants to make the process accessible for all. Here is the Exped kit list that all students will need for the practice and qualifying expeditions. Here is the Day Walk kit list that all students will need for the day walk. 

How to Apply

An application form will be distributed to students via their SAM groups. They will need to apply, telling us about their previous experience and hobbies, how they intend to complete their skill, volunteering and physical section and why they are ready and should be chosen for this challenge. They will then have an interview. Again, they should prepare for this interview by researching and deciding what they will do for their three sections, (there are some ideas in the links below) and by being ready to explain why they want to do DofE. We will be looking for the following criteria: Enthusiasm for DofE; Organisation of the Sections; Evidence of previous commitment (so whether they are likely to stay the course); Attitude to life. Please practice this with them so that they are more confident. Places are limited so this process will determine if they will get a place or not.

Those who do not get a place can still complete Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award with other providers such as Street Youth Centre Caterham in Caterham Valley or with Surrey Outdoor Learning & Development (SOLD) in Dorking.

With any questions please email Miss Bailey at:

Useful Links

Follow us on Twitter @deStaffordDofE for regular news and updates.

Click here to visit the official Duke of Edinburgh website.

The benefits of 'keeping busy', meeting and working with others and accomplishing new challenges are proven to have positive impact on well being.  Please see the ideas listed within this link on how to broaden experience and have fun.  

We offer our students the opportunity to join the Duke of Edinburgh programme, but there are ideas here available for all young people to engage with to develop their understanding of the world around them and their role within in it.




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