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Year 7 Students are studying First Aid in their PATHS lessons this half term and have been practising bandaging and applying slings this week!


Thank you to all the employers, training providers and business owners who joined us for our Careers Fair. We appreciate you giving up your time to share your expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm with our students, helping them shape their dreams and aspirations for the future!


Do you feel your child needs support with the transition to de Stafford School or maybe has an additional learning need? Then please do join our Inclusion Team at Café 181 on Thursday 11 July at 11am😄


If you missed us at our Open Evening last night, do not worry!We are holding Open Mornings for Prospective Year 7 Entry to the School where you are warmly invited to visit us in action!To book your slot, please click on the link below 👇



Please be aware of the current roadworks at the top of Burntwood Lane near the school entrance. You may need to follow a small diversion to access the school, so please ensure you leave plenty of time for your journey. It will be lovely to see as many of you there as possible!


Thank you to the two separate members of the public this week who took time out of their day to share with us some really positive feedback regarding our students here at de Stafford School 📷


We are over the moon to announce that we have have raised a whopping £2,364 for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices 💜 Thanks again to all Students, Parents/Carers and Staff who helped to make this possible 🥰#proud


📷 We have vacancies! Please see further information, Job Description and link to the application forms below:


📣We are very excited to announce the date for our 2024 Open Evening! We are looking forward to welcoming visitors on Thursday 4 July from 5-8pm where you will be able to take a tour around the school with one of our amazing student helpers. We look forward to seeing you all!


Wishing all Year 6 students from our local feeder schools and the very best of luck with SATs this week 🫶


Year 11 exams are well underway! This is a crucial time for students, and their dedication and effort will surely pay off. Encouraging them to continue putting their best foot forward will undoubtedly lead to rewarding outcomes. Good luck everyone, you've got this! 🫶🥰


📣 We have vacancies for Exam Invigilators! Please see further information, Job Description and link to the application form below:


What a way to end an amazing Charity Week with a cake sale & 'Massaoke'! Absolutely wonderful to see our whole school community come together as one to sing this afternoon for


Day 1 of Charity Week - Year 7 cake sale! 🍰🧁


Please click here to view our weekly news bulletin: We hope you all have a fantastic weekend!🌞


A huge thank you to Hayley Dawson from Nescot College who delivered an excellent presentation to our Year 9 cohort this morning all about their Post-16 training courses and facilities 👏


Lights... camera... action!! Lots of fun being had getting ready for our first dress rehearsal to local primary schools this morning!!😍


A huge thank you to Sue Taylor from the ALPS Partnership who delivered an excellent presentation to our Year 10 cohort this morning, all about the Apprenticeship Training Pathway👏


Our Year 10 & 11 students have arrived safely in Iceland and are on their way to the first stop!

Most Able

At de Stafford, we are committed to teaching in a way which positively challenges all students and enables them to reach their full potential. We look to provide effective learning opportunities across the curriculum both within the classroom and through our enrichment programme.

One way we achieve this is through our work with ‘most able’ students and high aspirers.


What does the term ‘most able’ mean?

Essentially, these are students who performed notably well at the end of KS2.

They are identified at the start of their time with us using their end of KS2 data (SATs) and another form of accredited, baseline testing (CATs) which we do in school here at the start of Year 7.

These students are flagged using the label ‘most able’. We monitor this cohort throughout their school career to ensure that we are doing all we can to support them to achieve their potential.


How do we support these students?

  • Regular pastoral and progress meetings.
  • Access to opportunities through partnerships, for example, with Reigate College and Caterham School.
  • A wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. These include clubs as well as excursions and school trips. Many of the activities and clubs listed on the Enrichment timetable are open to all students but would be particularly beneficial for ‘most able’ students. A small number of activities are run on an invitation basis.
  • Subject-specific signposting to further reading and opportunities for high challenge in lesson time.
  • Raising aspirations. This is done by talking about college or university courses and careers where subjects are relevant. By having links with companies and people from different industries students can see and hear firsthand where their hard work gets them.
  • Most crucially, we work to ensure that our teaching is engaging and challenging for all students. We are led by research into the most effective teaching strategies; we share best practice; and we are accountable for the progress of all our students. We work hard to promote and develop higher order thinking for all students.


How can I support my ‘most able’ / high aspiring child?

  • Encourage your child to try new things and step out of their comfort zone. It is important to learn to fail in safe environment and learning new skills develops resilience and problem-solving.
  • Encourage creative thinking and curiosity. For example, think of “I wonder..?” questions and explore the answers. For example: I wonder when it became legal to…; I wonder who first discovered that these ingredients make cake; I wonder who invented…; I wonder how that works…?
  • Board games are great for strategic thinking.
  • Support them to read around and research whatever they are studying that is of interest to them. There are many articles available on the internet. Their teacher should be able to signpost some good further reading for them if they are stuck.
  • Encourage them to read for pleasure. Research shows that this is incredibly powerful.
  • Ask them about what they are learning and challenge them to remember details. This process is great for making sure that what they learn sticks.


My child is very bright but is not on the ‘most able’ list. What are you doing to support them?

The opportunities we provide for our ‘most able’ cohort are open to all.

The ‘most able’ label is in many ways for internal monitoring: it allows us to track a certain group of students through their secondary education as a guide for how we are doing as a school. Any student who shows aptitude and a desire to stretch themselves will be positively challenged and supported to excel, regardless of how they performed at the end of KS2.