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To start , spend 20 minutes having a conversation about mental health with your child. Here are some conversation starters you can use.


Well done to our Year 9 art students who have been creating some beautiful illustrations of the as part of their development for the project


Please find a link to our weekly new bulletin for parents and carers: We wish all our followers a fantastic weekend!


It's and we are pleased to be able to support with a venue for their today. Email for further details on the fantastic spaces we have available for hire!


All eyes were on Mrs Beale today as she taught her Year 8 Science class about the anatomy of the eye using dissection 👀


Please find a link to our weekly news bulletin: We wish you all a fantastic bank holiday weekend and look forward to welcoming students back to school on Tuesday!


Congratulations to Noah Vellacott and Michael Dean (Year 9), joint winners of Caterham Rotary Club’s annual Prix de la Paix award, a competition rewarding a student studying Spanish for an entry written in Spanish on the theme of War and Peace.


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Some good technique and excellent distances recorded in Year 8’s first long jump lesson with Mr Henderson this afternoon ☀️


📣Year 11 Parents and Carers You should by now have received details of our upcoming Year 11 Parents' and Carers' evening on Wednesday 28 April. The online booking system opens at 6pm this evening. Click here for details:


We're keeping everything crossed we can hold a Prom for our amazing Year 11 cohort this June 🤞Our Student Services team are currently accepting donations of pre-loved occasion wear such as dresses, suits etc for those young people who may be unable to afford to buy new.


It's wonderful to be able to welcome staff and students back today for the start of the Summer term .


We hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Easter break. Please find a link to an update letter from the Head of School which was also sent via .We look forward to welcoming students back to school on Tuesday 20 April!


Please find a link to our end of term news bulletin: We would like to wish the entire de Stafford community a wonderful Easter break and thank you all for your continued support. We look forward to seeing our students return on Tuesday 20 April.


YEAR 9 PARENTS' AND CARERS' EVENING 💻 We're really looking forward to speaking to Year 9 parents and carers this evening. Remember there's a helpful 'how to' guide available on our website should you need it!


A reminder to parents and carers that school finishes at the earlier time of 12:35pm tomorrow for the Easter holidays and students are due to return to school on Tuesday 20 April!


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Today is the first day of Keep an eye on our tweets this week to find out everything you need to know and more about


What a lovely message to receive first thing on a Monday morning! Parent/carer feedback is always greatly appreciated. If your child is due to join us this September, don't forget to complete the admissions forms which can be found on our website here:


Appointments are still available for our Year 9 Parents' and Carers' Evening this Wednesday 31 March. The online booking system will close at 9pm this evening. You can find all the information you need on our website here:


Please find a link to our weekly news bulletin We wish you all a happy and healthy weekend!


Our Year 9 students enjoyed the team building exercises Mr Harris set for them yesterday. A great effort from all involved! For more information on , please visit our website here:

SchoolCloud (Parents' Evening Software)


In October 2020 we introduced School Cloud, an easy to use booking system which allows us to host our Parents’ and Carers’ Evenings remotely, over video call. 

We will notify you via email and parent bulletins when a Parents' Evening is due (see list below) as well as when the booking system will open and close  Once you are ready to make an appointment, you simply log in by visiting and entering your contact details and child's name and date of birth.  We have attached two guides which should support you in the process.

It is important, when you log in, that you use the same email address to which you receive our ParentMail communications, and when entering your child’s name, you use their ‘preferred name’. 

Please remember that this is not your only opportunity to make contact with your son’s/daughter’s subject teachers.We encourage on-going dialogue and teachers, SAMs, and the Heads of Year are available throughout the year to discuss progress and attainment via email (a full list of email addresses can be found here on the school website or by telephone. 

If you have any issues or questions regarding this process please contact Amanda Robinson, in the Head of Year office, on 

Year Group Parents' Evening Dates 2020-21
Year 7 24th March 2021
Year 8  10th February 2021
Year 9 31st March 2021
Year 10  21st April 2021
Year 11 21st October 2020 and 24th February 2021



Page Downloads Date  
School Cloud Parents' Guide for Booking... 14th Oct 2020 Download
School Cloud Video Appointment Guide 14th Oct 2020 Download