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Please find a link to our weekly news bulletin containing some important updates: As ever, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. Have a wonderful weekend!


We will be offering some free packs of stationery items to our local Caterham families (secondary aged and primary aged students) to ensure that young people are ready to access their learning when they return to the school site in March


Year 8 Parents and Carers A reminder that the Options deadline is Friday 5 March. Please visit our website for further information on submitting your child's subject choices: and email with any questions!


📢Parents and Carers Please click here for an update further to the recent government announcement We've also sent you a copy via . Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!


Please find a link to our end of half term news bulletin: You will also find a host of Remote Learning guides and info on our website here: We wish you all a wonderful half term break and thank you for your continued support.🌟


We're extremely grateful for the feedback we continue to receive from our students and parents/carers. As ever, if you have any ideas or comments then please do email us at, we'd love to hear from you!


Parents and Carers-please find a link to our weekly news bulletin : We also wanted to share with you this lovely poem which Katie M in Year 7 wrote in her recent PATHS lesson.


Year 7 have been studying Greek Theatre in their Drama lessons and this week they had a go at creating their own masks. Great effort Year 7! 👏#Drama


🌟Year 8 Parents & Carers🌟 A reminder that the Parents' & Carers' Evening online booking system is open from 6.00pm tonight and will close at 9.00pm on 8 February 2021. Bookings should be made via See our website for more info:


Please visit our website or see for information relating to our upcoming (virtual) Year 8 Parents' and Carers' Evening:


We are very grateful for all the feedback and support we receive from students, parents and carers as we navigate these unprecedented times. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you ever have any questions or concerns.


Thank you to the who will be providing virtual online safety presentations to our Year 7 students during period 1 today and tomorrow.


A reminder we will be operating an adjusted student timetable from tomorrow (Mon 1 Feb) as below. Please see our latest news bulletin for further detail.


Thank you to Kiara in Year 8 for this inspirational piece of poetry. We felt it was too good not to share! 👏#deStaffordProud


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Fantastic work from Miss Porter’s Year 7 girls this morning, who were challenged to create their own circuit! 💪


Please find a link to a letter for our Year 11 students and their parents/carers relating to the cancellation of GCSE & A Level examinations this year: . A copy has also been sent via today. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!


yes, there is a Broadcast Video Library on the website here: where children can catch up on all previous V-Talks. We hope your daughter enjoys watching!


Parents and Carers -please find a link to our news bulletin which has also been sent to you via . We would like to wish all of our followers a happy and healthy weekend!


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Tune in to hear from Shai Weiss, CEO of Airways on Thursday at 5pm!🕔 Shai will share career insights & advice on teamwork, resilience and maintaining mental clarity during difficult times.🙌 To join:


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WELCOME TO THE PE TEAM! Miss Gentry has joined and you will soon meet her in your remote lessons...although you’ll have to wait until February to see her basketball skills in person! 🏀

Posted on: 07/06/2019

Year 10 Business Day - 9 July 2019

de Stafford School proudly presents Business Day 2019! This event will take place on Tuesday 9 July. During this enjoyable and educational day, all Year 10 students will take part in a product design and marketing task. They will work in teams on creating a winning design and then go head to head with all the other teams in a "Dragons Den" style pitch. The most organised, productive and creative team will win the day and some prizes. Our students’ performance on this day will be judged by approximately 10 business leaders who will appraise their ability to work as part of a team during the day and will rate their presentation skills at the end.

In addition to this, there is a chance for each student to meet with one of the business leaders and to have a practice interview. Each student will be working on their CV over the coming weeks and they will present it to the business leader, who will then talk over their aims and their hopes for employment and further education. The students will put a lot of work into their CVs, but may benefit from another adult proofreading it or giving some ideas of other activities that they have participated in that could be included that the students may have forgotten about or did not deem relevant.

This is a day to look great! The dress code for this day is "Business Smart". However, if they do not have an item of clothing listed below, then full school uniform would be more than appropriate.

Girls - Smart trousers or skirt with white school blouse and an optional jacket. Black or skin colour tights. Black school shoes. Make up will be allowed on this day, but again, please ensure that it is appropriate for working in a professional environment!

Boys – A smart shirt with a tie, black school trousers and black school shoes.

This always proves to be a great day and I know that this year’s bunch of budding entrepreneurs will represent themselves very well.

Mrs MacGregor 

Head of Year 10