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📢Parents and Carers Please click here for an update further to the recent government announcement We've also sent you a copy via . Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!


Please find a link to our end of half term news bulletin: You will also find a host of Remote Learning guides and info on our website here: We wish you all a wonderful half term break and thank you for your continued support.🌟


We're extremely grateful for the feedback we continue to receive from our students and parents/carers. As ever, if you have any ideas or comments then please do email us at, we'd love to hear from you!


Parents and Carers-please find a link to our weekly news bulletin : We also wanted to share with you this lovely poem which Katie M in Year 7 wrote in her recent PATHS lesson.


Year 7 have been studying Greek Theatre in their Drama lessons and this week they had a go at creating their own masks. Great effort Year 7! 👏#Drama


🌟Year 8 Parents & Carers🌟 A reminder that the Parents' & Carers' Evening online booking system is open from 6.00pm tonight and will close at 9.00pm on 8 February 2021. Bookings should be made via See our website for more info:


Please visit our website or see for information relating to our upcoming (virtual) Year 8 Parents' and Carers' Evening:


We are very grateful for all the feedback and support we receive from students, parents and carers as we navigate these unprecedented times. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you ever have any questions or concerns.


Thank you to the who will be providing virtual online safety presentations to our Year 7 students during period 1 today and tomorrow.


A reminder we will be operating an adjusted student timetable from tomorrow (Mon 1 Feb) as below. Please see our latest news bulletin for further detail.


Thank you to Kiara in Year 8 for this inspirational piece of poetry. We felt it was too good not to share! 👏#deStaffordProud


Retweeted From de Stafford PE

Fantastic work from Miss Porter’s Year 7 girls this morning, who were challenged to create their own circuit! 💪


Please find a link to a letter for our Year 11 students and their parents/carers relating to the cancellation of GCSE & A Level examinations this year: . A copy has also been sent via today. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!


yes, there is a Broadcast Video Library on the website here: where children can catch up on all previous V-Talks. We hope your daughter enjoys watching!


Parents and Carers -please find a link to our news bulletin which has also been sent to you via . We would like to wish all of our followers a happy and healthy weekend!


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Tune in to hear from Shai Weiss, CEO of Airways on Thursday at 5pm!🕔 Shai will share career insights & advice on teamwork, resilience and maintaining mental clarity during difficult times.🙌 To join:


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WELCOME TO THE PE TEAM! Miss Gentry has joined and you will soon meet her in your remote lessons...although you’ll have to wait until February to see her basketball skills in person! 🏀


Parents and Carers - further to the most recent government announcement, please find a link to an update letter: We will continue to keep you updated and thank you again for your support and patience.


📢We are looking for volunteers to support our Rapid Covid-19 Testing programme . Please click here for further details and to register your interest:


Parents and Carers - further to the most recent government announcement, please find an update to our start of term arrangements: We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best as we enter 2021.

Year 8 Options

Email with any questions

Dear Year 8 Parents/Carers

In order to further support your child to make the right choices during the Options process, I am delighted to introduce additions to our Year 8 Options Information website page.

Please find the following resources below:

  • Mr Place’s ‘Welcome’ video message
  • Mr Parry’s video presentation on ‘How to make your choices’ with the SIMS Parent App
  • Individual video presentations, for every subject, with a wealth of information on what to expect at Key Stage 4.  Simply click on the subject title to view the video
  • The ‘Introduction to the Options process’ video presentation
  • The Options Booklet which provides an overview of the process and detailed information on all Key Stage 4 courses

SIMS Parent App

As detailed in Mr Parry’s presentation and the Options Booklet, Option choices are made via the SIMS Parent App. Should you have any technical issues with this, please do contact Mrs Blake-Thomas at who will be able to assist in resolving these. 

The deadline for choices to be made is Friday 5 March.

Separate Science

Students invited to choose Separate Science will be contacted by Mr Doyle by Friday 12 February.

Options Week

In addition to this information, the Heads of Department for those subjects which are not delivered at Key Stage 3, will be visiting each SAM, during SAM Time, from Monday 1 February.  These sessions will begin at 8:30am and students should access their normal SAM, on Google Classroom, by using their usual link (also found on Satchel:One).  This is an excellent opportunity for colleagues to share information on their courses and answer any questions students may have.  The schedule for this is as below.  

Mon 1 Feb

Computer Science/IT

Business Citizenship Media Health & Social Care SIMS Parents App Info
Tues 2 Feb SIMS Parents App Info Computer Science/IT Business Citizenship Media Health & Social Care
Weds 3 Feb Health & Social Care SIMS Parents App Info Computer Science/IT Business Citizenship Media
Thurs 4 Feb Media Health & Social Care SIMS Parents App Info Computer Science/IT Business Citizenship
Fri 5 Feb Citizenship Media Health & Social Care SIMS Parents App Info Computer Science/IT Business
Mon 8 Feb Business Citizenship Media Health & Social Care SIMS Parents App Info Computer Science/IT


Contact us

On this page, I do hope you find the answers to any questions you may have but please do contact us via email to should you have any further queries.

Thank you very much, as ever, for your support in ensuring your child has the knowledge required to make these important, well-informed decisions. 

Yours faithfully

Mr Parry, Assistant Headteacher




Please click on the subject titles below to view the video presentations from the Heads of Department.

Art, Craft and Design History
Business Maths
Citizenship Media
Computer Science Music
Creative iMedia Religious Studies
Design and Technology Science
Drama Spanish
English Sport Studies
Food Preparation and Nutrition  
Health and Social Care  




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Year 8 Options Booklet 04th Nov 2020 Download