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It's not too late to collect your free Back to School stationery pack, we'll be in Church Walk until midday. Thank you and for your support.


It's ! Check out our virtual library for more info and to download your £1 book token: Can you guess which famous character Miss Rose has dressed up as today?


Parents and Carers - please find a link to a comprehensive guide to your son/daughter’s return to school this month We hope it will answer any outstanding questions you may have.


Parents and Carers-we have sent a letter via with details of the first round of Rapid Testing next week. You can also view the letters on our website here: Please do email us at with any queries. Thank you.


A massive well done to everyone who entered our half term Illusion Cake competition, we think you'll agree we have some very talented cake makers ! Congratulations to Lily (7HHI) for her winning Pineapple cake and Joshua (7KBA) and Charlotte (9SOB) our runners up! 👏


Good luck to all the families who are receiving their secondary school offers today 🤞 A big warm welcome to the Year 6 students who will be joining the family in September. You'll be hearing from us very soon, we can't wait to meet you!


Please find a link to our weekly news bulletin containing some important updates: As ever, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. Have a wonderful weekend!


We will be offering some free packs of stationery items to our local Caterham families (secondary aged and primary aged students) to ensure that young people are ready to access their learning when they return to the school site in March


Year 8 Parents and Carers A reminder that the Options deadline is Friday 5 March. Please visit our website for further information on submitting your child's subject choices: and email with any questions!


📢Parents and Carers Please click here for an update further to the recent government announcement We've also sent you a copy via . Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!


Please find a link to our end of half term news bulletin: You will also find a host of Remote Learning guides and info on our website here: We wish you all a wonderful half term break and thank you for your continued support.🌟


We're extremely grateful for the feedback we continue to receive from our students and parents/carers. As ever, if you have any ideas or comments then please do email us at, we'd love to hear from you!


Parents and Carers-please find a link to our weekly news bulletin : We also wanted to share with you this lovely poem which Katie M in Year 7 wrote in her recent PATHS lesson.


Year 7 have been studying Greek Theatre in their Drama lessons and this week they had a go at creating their own masks. Great effort Year 7! 👏#Drama


🌟Year 8 Parents & Carers🌟 A reminder that the Parents' & Carers' Evening online booking system is open from 6.00pm tonight and will close at 9.00pm on 8 February 2021. Bookings should be made via See our website for more info:


Please visit our website or see for information relating to our upcoming (virtual) Year 8 Parents' and Carers' Evening:


We are very grateful for all the feedback and support we receive from students, parents and carers as we navigate these unprecedented times. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you ever have any questions or concerns.


Thank you to the who will be providing virtual online safety presentations to our Year 7 students during period 1 today and tomorrow.


A reminder we will be operating an adjusted student timetable from tomorrow (Mon 1 Feb) as below. Please see our latest news bulletin for further detail.


Thank you to Kiara in Year 8 for this inspirational piece of poetry. We felt it was too good not to share! 👏#deStaffordProud

Remote Learning Provision (online lessons)

SLT Lead for Remote Learning: Mr Christian Henk

Students will follow their regular timetable and attend all of their lessons virtually on Google Classroom (via Satchel:One). Each lesson will begin with a ‘live’ element, when a register will be taken and teachers will outline the learning objectives for the lesson.  Click here to view the latest Remote Learning Bulletin with some useful hints and tips.

Ready to Learn

In preparation for online lessons please do ensure that, where possible, children have access to a quiet area. Students should have their pencil case and some paper ready for the lesson (if they do not have their books).


All lessons are set as a ‘classwork’ task on Satchel:One. On each task, teachers will upload any necessary resources for the lesson alongside the link to a ‘Google Meet’. The link will take students into their virtual ‘Google Classroom’, once it has been opened by the host (teacher). Teachers are also likely to include a brief description of the lesson or any pre-requisite preparation students might need to do, for example this may include a list of resources students will need for the lesson. Please be assured that teachers will be considerate about the resources they request students to have.

Each lesson is due to start promptly, in accordance with the times of our regular school day. Please don’t be late!

Please ensure that when logging onto Google Classroom microphones and cameras are turned off.

All lessons will be recorded for safeguarding purposes and any behavioural issues will be followed up.

We do acknowledge that in some instances technology will be shared at home. In these cases, it may be that children are unable to attend lessons. If this is the case please do get in touch with their teachers via Satchel:One to let them know, as we will be keeping registers to monitor engagement.

Lessons and resources are available for students to download and complete during their lesson time. If your child is unable to access the online provision at all, please do get in touch and we will seek to provide an alternative solution.

Trouble Shooting Tips

  • Students can not enter the ‘Google Classroom’ until it has been launched by the host (teacher). If it doesn’t work initially, try again in a minute or two, it may be that the teacher is just transitioning between lessons.
  • Students will not be able to find a link to their lessons on Google Classroom. Teachers will only provide links to each online lesson on Satchel:One. This is also to ensure that parents or carers can monitor the classwork that is being set for their children.
  • Students will not be able to log in through a personal Gmail or Google Mail account. Only de Stafford school accounts will be able to access online Google Classrooms. Students will need their school Google username and password.
  • Students who do not have access to Microsoft Office can access their school email, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations via Microsoft Portal. Click here to access Microsoft Portal.
  • If students are trying to access Google Classrooms through the Google Meet app, they need to make sure that they have set up the app using their school Google account (school email address and password).

If you have any questions or issues you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Feel free to contact either or

How to Guide - Logging into Online Lessons

Step 1

Log into Satchel:One and open the classwork task associated with the lesson.

Step 2

Select the link to the Google Meet for the live lesson.

Step 3

If prompted, log into Google using your de Stafford email address and password (for Google). You will then be taken to a ‘waiting room’.

Step 4

Ensure that your camera and microphone are turned off and select ‘Join Now’. You will enter your Google Class.


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