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Fantastic work from Miss Porter’s Year 7 girls this morning, who were challenged to create their own circuit! 💪


Please find a link to a letter for our Year 11 students and their parents/carers relating to the cancellation of GCSE & A Level examinations this year: . A copy has also been sent via today. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!


yes, there is a Broadcast Video Library on the website here: where children can catch up on all previous V-Talks. We hope your daughter enjoys watching!


Parents and Carers -please find a link to our news bulletin which has also been sent to you via . We would like to wish all of our followers a happy and healthy weekend!


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Tune in to hear from Shai Weiss, CEO of Airways on Thursday at 5pm!🕔 Shai will share career insights & advice on teamwork, resilience and maintaining mental clarity during difficult times.🙌 To join:


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WELCOME TO THE PE TEAM! Miss Gentry has joined and you will soon meet her in your remote lessons...although you’ll have to wait until February to see her basketball skills in person! 🏀


Parents and Carers - further to the most recent government announcement, please find a link to an update letter: We will continue to keep you updated and thank you again for your support and patience.


📢We are looking for volunteers to support our Rapid Covid-19 Testing programme . Please click here for further details and to register your interest:


Parents and Carers - further to the most recent government announcement, please find an update to our start of term arrangements: We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best as we enter 2021.


📢Parents and Carers Further to the most recent government announcement, please click here for an update regarding the start of term. A copy has also been sent via . Thank you for your continued support.


Please find a link to our end of term news bulletin! 🎄 We wish all of our students, parents, carers and staff a very happy and healthy festive break and look forward to welcoming you all back to school in 2021!


We are very grateful to our parents and carers for their support. We have tried our hardest.


Great work Ollie! 👏


It's been wonderful to see our staff and students supporting and spreading some festive cheer🎄#makingtheworldbetterinasweater


Hi , thank you for checking. No school blazer is required if students are wearing a Christmas jumper.


CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY - FRIDAY 11 DECEMBER 2020 We're looking forward to seeing staff and students in their Christmas jumpers tomorrow! Should you wish to support the valuable work of you can make a donation directly online here:


Mr Parry's Year 8 Science class enjoyed a 'virtual' lesson this morning on digestion. It was great to see so many students positively engaging in their learning from home. Well done everyone!


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Mr Harris & Miss Porter broadcasting live to Y8 for their PE lesson this morning! Great to see 52 of you taking part! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


Parents and Carers - Please note Year 8 students should remain at home between Monday 7 December and Friday 11 December and access their class work via and per their Week 1 timetable. Please click here for further details:


Well done to Mr Henk, Mr Starke, Mr Henderson, Mr Harris, Mr Rayner and Mr Parry who have all been partaking in this year, helping to raise awareness and encourage our students to talk openly about men's mental and physical health issues! 👏

Remote Learning Provision (online lessons)

SLT Lead for Remote Learning: Mr Christian Henk

Students will follow their regular timetable and attend all of their lessons virtually on Google Classroom (via Satchel:One). Each lesson will begin with a ‘live’ element, when a register will be taken and teachers will outline the learning objectives for the lesson.  Click here to view the latest Remote Learning Bulletin with some useful hints and tips.

Ready to Learn

In preparation for online lessons please do ensure that, where possible, children have access to a quiet area. Students should have their pencil case and some paper ready for the lesson (if they do not have their books).


All lessons are set as a ‘classwork’ task on Satchel:One. On each task, teachers will upload any necessary resources for the lesson alongside the link to a ‘Google Meet’. The link will take students into their virtual ‘Google Classroom’, once it has been opened by the host (teacher). Teachers are also likely to include a brief description of the lesson or any pre-requisite preparation students might need to do, for example this may include a list of resources students will need for the lesson. Please be assured that teachers will be considerate about the resources they request students to have.

Each lesson is due to start promptly, in accordance with the times of our regular school day. Please don’t be late!

Please ensure that when logging onto Google Classroom microphones and cameras are turned off.

All lessons will be recorded for safeguarding purposes and any behavioural issues will be followed up.

We do acknowledge that in some instances technology will be shared at home. In these cases, it may be that children are unable to attend lessons. If this is the case please do get in touch with their teachers via Satchel:One to let them know, as we will be keeping registers to monitor engagement.

Lessons and resources are available for students to download and complete during their lesson time. If your child is unable to access the online provision at all, please do get in touch and we will seek to provide an alternative solution.

Trouble Shooting Tips

  • Students can not enter the ‘Google Classroom’ until it has been launched by the host (teacher). If it doesn’t work initially, try again in a minute or two, it may be that the teacher is just transitioning between lessons.
  • Students will not be able to find a link to their lessons on Google Classroom. Teachers will only provide links to each online lesson on Satchel:One. This is also to ensure that parents or carers can monitor the classwork that is being set for their children.
  • Students will not be able to log in through a personal Gmail or Google Mail account. Only de Stafford school accounts will be able to access online Google Classrooms. Students will need their school Google username and password.
  • Students who do not have access to Microsoft Office can access their school email, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations via Microsoft Portal. Click here to access Microsoft Portal.
  • If students are trying to access Google Classrooms through the Google Meet app, they need to make sure that they have set up the app using their school Google account (school email address and password).

If you have any questions or issues you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Feel free to contact either or

How to Guide - Logging into Online Lessons

Step 1

Log into Satchel:One and open the classwork task associated with the lesson.

Step 2

Select the link to the Google Meet for the live lesson.

Step 3

If prompted, log into Google using your de Stafford email address and password (for Google). You will then be taken to a ‘waiting room’.

Step 4

Ensure that your camera and microphone are turned off and select ‘Join Now’. You will enter your Google Class.


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