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Just one week left of this first half term! Parents/carers - our weekly news bulletins should have hit your inbox and are also available on our website Please take the time to read them over the weekend!


Today is . On average, 2 children in every class of 30 will experience severe enough to hinder academic progress. For further info visit or speak to our team.


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🚨GIRLS FOOTBALL TRIALS🚨 Next Thursday 24th after school. Come along and bring a friend! ⚽️


Excellent turnout at our Y11 study skills evening. Preparing for success.....#achieve


Thank you to the parents/carers and Year 11 students who have signed up for our interactive Study Skills event this evening. We look forward to seeing you at 6:30pm!


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An excellent student led fitness session ⁦⁩ Well done to Shara who guided Y10 students through stretches and a core workout! 💪🏻


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This might be one for your students to attend?


Thank you to Lottie Cooper-Beirne and Katie Conway who having studied mental health and stress in Citizenship recently, shared some wise words with Year 7 and 8 in their assemblies this week.


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Well done to the ⁦⁩ Y10 Netball team, a fantastic effort at the District Tournament! Thank you to ⁦⁩ for hosting # team


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The Year 7 Ceramics groups have been creating clay tiles inspired by Islamic patterns


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Using Swiss balls to improve tackle height at rugby club 🏉




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A fantastic effort from the ⁦⁩ Y8A/B Netball teams today! In horrendous weather conditions, they displayed tremendous resilience & great teamwork! Well done to players of the match Bethany F & Carla T 👏🏻 ☔️ 🌧


A reminder that the deadline for applications is this *Friday 11 October*. Don't miss this out on this life changing opportunity to develop new skills, confidence and an edge over others when you apply for college, university or a job!


Parents/carers of our current year 9 students are encouraged to attend our 'GCSE Journey' Information Evening this Wednesday 9 October. No need to make an appointment, please just arrive for 6pm in the Main Hall.


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Do you remember your favourite teacher? On Saturday's , we celebrate teachers around the world & all they do for our communities & societies.


Our Year 7 students enjoyed a day today, which included a walk across the Farthing Downs (and befriending local sheep) 😃.


Students and sheep


Year 7 in the distance!


Year 7 walk the great outdoors

Posted on: 03/09/2019

Year 7 - First day of term Sept 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are looking forward to seeing your son/daughter at the beginning of the new term on Wednesday 4th September. Please see below the timings and itinerary for the first day:

  • Year 7 students are to arrive at 8.15am – please note that students will not be supervised before this time.
  • Students will then register with their SAMs on the tennis courts (weather permitting).
  • At 8.30am, students will report to their SAM room.
  • Welcome assembly in the main hall at 8.50am

Year 7 will be the only year group in the school until 11.00am, which will give them the opportunity to explore their new surroundings and become familiar with the school.

  • From 9.00am - 12.30pm, students will be with their SAM groups.
  • Students will be issued their timetable for the year.
  • From 12.35pm, students will be in normal lessons.

There will be a slightly earlier finish on the first day at 3.10pm to allow students to leave before the rest of the school (please note that this is for the first day only and students will finish at the normal time of 3.15pm as of Thursday 5th September).

If you are collecting your son/daughter, please arrange to meet them outside the front of school, otherwise we will assume they will be making their own way home.

Any students who are meeting older siblings, will be advised to wait outside the front of school to meet them there.

Please note that students are to be in their SAM room by 8.30am each morning as of Thursday 5th September.

School lockers

New lockers are to be installed during the summer holidays and details of how to hire one and the cost will be communicated at the start of term.


Your child should arrive to school ready to learn in terms of their equipment. The basic essentials, which we are promoting as part of the de Stafford ‘5-a-day’ initiative, consists of the following items:

1. Pen

2. Pencil

3. Eraser

4. Ruler

5. Calculator

It is most important that students take pride in the presentation of their work and having the above items easily accessible to them will help support this process.

If you have any questions for your son/daughter’s subject teacher, please direct specific questions to them, as they will be able to answer directly. Teaching staff may be emailed by using

Please ensure that you copy in myself on

Yours sincerely,

Miss Robinson, Head of Year 7