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GCSE Results

Congratulations to the Year 11 students who achieved a strong set of results in their GCSE exams. Pictured below are a selection of students who achieved an amazing 9 or more A*/A grades.  For more information about how well the students did, click for the press release here


de Stafford is an inclusive community school where high academic achievement, creative participation and collective enjoyment are at the heart of all we do.

Educating children is a great responsibility and privilege. We are committed to ensuring de Stafford provides all students with an outstanding learning experience so that they are fully prepared for the challenges of the modern world; where excellent examination results are achieved within a structure that supports the development of highly aspirational and confident young adults, comfortable of their place within society and the positive contribution they can make to it.

As Headteacher, I am privileged to work with an incredibly dedicated and talented staff who are highly driven in delivering the best possible quality of provision for our students. Our relentless focus on learning and achievement ensures lessons are taught within a framework of creativity, innovation and challenge. Without doubt, good exam results are essential; they open doors and empower children to achieve their dreams.  However, at de Stafford we also believe in a well-rounded education where a strong focus on examination outcomes is allied with an extensive and diverse programme of enrichment opportunities.

We have an outstanding pastoral system which enables students to learn well and make excellent progress.  We are committed to providing all of our students with the opportunity to flourish and to fulfil their academic, social and personal potential within a calm, happy and purposeful school environment based on a culture of high expectations and mutual respect.

This website aims to provide you with an insight into the character and ethos of de Stafford. However, to fully appreciate what the school has to offer, we warmly encourage you to come and see us in action. Every day is Open Day at de Stafford and we welcome visitors into our community throughout the year.

Jeremy Garner

  • "Teaching staff are supportive of the new headteacher’s high aspirations for the school." OFSTED
  • "Students feel very happy and safe at school, relating well to one another and to teaching staff. Behaviour around the school is good. Students appreciate the clubs and many after-school support sessions organised for them." OFSTED
  • "The new headteacher and recently appointed senior management team have a clear focus on accurate monitoring of teaching and learning, already providing successful support in order to lift students’ achievements." OFSTED
  • "The focus on improving students’ reading is raising standards." OFSTED
  • "Students are making good progress in improving their reading skills as a result of various initiatives. These include older students acting as buddies for younger lower-attaining readers and the use of an accelerated reading programme during tutor time." OFSTED
  • "Good quality data are now being collected on students’ progress." OFSTED
  • "Older students value greatly the after-school sessions provided in several subjects. Teachers are very generous with their time, willingly going over aspects of work which students have failed to understand in lessons." OFSTED
  • "Where teaching is effective, teachers use their good subject knowledge to challenge students and a range of activities is used to engage students’ interest." OFSTED
  • "Students have very positive attitudes to their teachers and the progress they are making." OFSTED
  • "Behaviour at break times and in the canteen is good. Students are courteous. Senior students support staff in supervising conduct effectively around the school." OFSTED
  • "Bullying and racist incidents are rare and are dealt with well when they occur. Students talk confidently about feeling safe and well cared for." OFSTED
  • "Good data systems have been introduced this academic year which enable staff to identify underachievement of individual students and groups in all years, with a view to providing equality of opportunity for all." OFSTED
  • "Senior leaders carrying out joint observations of lessons with inspectors made accurate judgments about the quality of teaching and learning and fed back skilfully to teachers on the strengths and weaknesses seen." OFSTED
  • "New, good procedures have been introduced for the management of teachers’ performance." OFSTED
  • "A wide range of popular clubs is provided before school, at lunchtime and after school." OFSTED
  • "Students get on well together with a high degree of trust among them." OFSTED
  • "The governing body worked very effectively to support the school during the last academic year." OFSTED
  • "This school is limitless. It enables you to develop your talents no matter what they are."Student Comment

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