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This is an important area within the school and is where a student can find information about many aspects of the school. Staff can help with student enquiries or point them in the right direction. Information regarding Free School Meals and holding medication in school, along with day to day attendance monitoring is found here. Any student who is unwell or has an accident while in school will be dealt with by our qualified first aiders who will then contact home if required.

The other main functions within the area are:

Signing in late or signing out early

If a student arrives late to school they MUST sign in at Student Services. An R&R (repair & rebuild) will be given by their SAM Tutor for students arriving after 8:50am without a valid reason and contact from parents.

If a student needs to leave school early for any reason they MUST always sign out at Student Services. We will not allow a student to leave the school site without prior notice from a parent, unless a parent comes in to reception to collect them, to ensure the students safety.

Please ensure you advise Student Services of any appointments for your child that requires them to either arrive to school late or leave early.

Sale of items

We sell a small stock of new school items. The costs are as follows:

  • Clip on ties - £4.75
  • School Blazer Badges - £4.50
  • School jumpers - £20.00 (only sizes 30”, 38”, 40” & 42” available)
  • Exam pencil cases - £2.50
  • Replacement locker keys - £3.50

Lost Property

Lost property is situated in Student Services. Please ensure all items are named so that they can be returned to students as soon as possible. Any unnamed & unclaimed items will be disposed of at the end of each term.


Lockers are available for all students. The cost of a locker will be £30 plus £5 deposit for the full 5 years. The deposit will be refunded when the locker key is returned in Year 11. Lost keys can be replaced at a cost of £3.50. All Year 7 students will be allocated their lockers at the beginning of term. Please note that if you contribute to the school fund your child will receive a locker free of charge and you will only be required to pay the £5 deposit.

Confiscated Items

Any items that are confiscated during the day will be handed to Student Services where they will be locked away for safe keeping. Please see the Mobile Phone Policy for further details regarding when mobile phones can be used in school.

Free School Meals

Free School Meals forms and information sheets are available at Student Services and on the school website. Please note: If you are in receipt of working tax credit your child will not be entitled to free school meals.

First Aid

The first aid room is situated within Student Services and the school have several first aiders. The first aiders will assess students on injuries occurring within school that day. Parents will be advised by phone or via an information sheet depending on the severity of the injury. Our first aiders do not assess old injuries; please visit your GP in these circumstances.

If a student feels unwell during the day they may be given a few minutes time out and then sent back to their lesson. Parents will only be called if it is felt that a student cannot continue with the rest of the day. Students are NOT permitted to contact parents directly to arrange to go home; therefore you should only collect your child if you have received a call from Student Services. If a child contacts their parent directly and subsequently is collected to go home, the child’s Head of Year will be notified and the absence may be recorded as unauthorised by the school.

Student Services can hold medication provided by parents for those students who are known to require it regularly. Please enquire for more details.

It is important that students carry a drinking water bottle and fill this up throughout the day particularly in the warmer weather. Dehydration can lead to headaches.


If your child is absent for any reason parents must contact school by 9am every day of the absence as a safeguarding requirement. The schoolattendance line has an answer phone so messages can be left at any time of the day or night on 01883 347818 ext. 165. You may also e-mail us on attendance@destafford.org.uk

It is advisable for your child to bring any notes regarding absences straight to Student Services. This will ensure that the Attendance Office is aware of forthcoming absences and your child’s attendance record is updated accordingly.

If you plan to go away during term time without your child, it is imperative that you notify school of this and the person who is responsible for your child in your absence in cases of illness or emergency.

  1. Caterham Foodbank
  2. Free School Meals Application Form
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