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The aims and statutory elements of the national curriculum are met within our own and we endeavour to provide this through inspiring lessons that encourage learning and support every student, catering for individual needs. As part of our fair and balanced curriculum, all students can expect to be taught: English, Maths and Science, Spanish, Technologies, PE, Religious Education, Geography, History, Music, Drama, Art and Citizenship/PSHE until the end of Key Stage 3 when they chose their GCSE options and their timetable becomes more personalised according to their preferences and skills. Literacy, Mathematics, computing skills and SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural education) are developed across all subjects and each student is supported to achieve confidence and proficiency in these areas as part of their basic skills. Small group support and coaching in a range of areas is provided where students may need it in order to reach their potential.

Where necessary and appropriate the curriculum is adapted to suit the needs of an individual student through dis-application of the National Curriculum - this is done in close collaboration with parents, teachers and support teams.

At de Stafford we work hard to plan a fair and balanced curriculum which matches the needs of every single one of our students, from the moment they arrive in Year 7, all the way until they finish their GCSE studies at the end of Year 11.

Below you can find more information on individual subjects.

  1. Art Curriculum
  2. Business Curriculum
  3. Citizenship Curriculum
  4. Computing Curriculum
  5. Construction Curriculum
  6. Drama Curriculum
  7. English Curriculum
  8. Food Technology Curriculum
  9. Geography Curriculum
  10. Health and Social Care Curriculum
  11. History Curriculum
  12. ICT Curriculum
  13. Mathematics Curriculum
  14. Media Curriculum
  15. Music Curriculum
  16. Physical Education Curriculum
  17. Religious Education Curriculum
  18. Resistant Materials Technology Curriculum
  19. Science Curriculum
  20. Spanish Curriculum
  21. Textiles Technology Curriculum
  • "The Headteacher, ably supported by his senior team, provides good leadership." OFSTED
  • "Students make good progress in English and Mathematics and in most other subject areas." OFSTED
  • "Teaching is good overall." OFSTED
  • "Middle leaders' clear focus on raising the quality of learning and teaching for different groups of students in their subject areas has led to improved outcomes." OFSTED
  • "Students behaviour is good. The vast majority of students behave in a mature and respectful manner in lessons and around the school." OFSTED
  • "Parents and their children are rightly proud of the school. They recognise that it offers a caring community where students are kept safe and their welfare matters greatly." OFSTED
  • "The Headteacher has shown strong and determined leadership and has achieved substantial improvements in the quality of teaching and students' outcomes since the last inspection." OFSTED
  • "Middle leaders trust and respect the Governors and senior leaders." OFSTED
  • "Teachers and Teaching Assistants feel well supported to bring about improvements." OFSTED
  • "Leaders ensure that careers advice and guidance is well organised and effective." OFSTED
  • "Social and academic mentoring time is used well, to monitor and support individual students' progress and reflect on current affairs." OFSTED
  • "Governors share the Headteacher's aims and vision for the school and they manage the performance of the Headteacher well." OFSTED
  • "Governors have successfully challenged leaders to raise the quality of teaching and learning and hold them to account for further improvements." OFSTED
  • "Systems to track students' progress have improved since the last inspection." OFSTED
  • "Teachers use a consistent approach to marking across the school." OFSTED
  • "Students are safe and secure in the school, and they feel well looked after." OFSTED
  • "Staff care a great deal about students' achievement and personal development and so working relationships between staff and students are very strong." OFSTED
  • "Learning about e-safety has an appropriately high status." OFSTED
  • "The behaviour of pupils is good." OFSTED
  • "This is a happy, caring and purposeful school with a calm and businesslike atmosphere. Students conduct themselves well around the site at all times. Nearly all students are confident, polite and respectful to staff, visitors and each other.They know the standards expected of them and take a pride in their uniform and their school." OFSTED
  • "Outcomes are consistently good in most subject areas." OFSTED
  • "High-quality careers information, and good links with local colleges, ensure that students are confident and well placed for the next stage of their education, employment or training."
  • "This school is limitless. It enables you to develop your talents no matter what they are." Student Comment